Janesville Relay For Life

janesvilleAs we prepare for the 2008 Janesville Relay For Life I think it is fitting that we think about our reasons for Relaying.   As we make plans for 2008, let us not forget our the three Honorary Co-Chairs for the 2007 Janesville Relay For Life. These three individuals exemplify the strength and courage of all cancer survivors. Through their challenges with cancer they have showed the rest of us what strength really is.  Their optimism, courage, and strength gives us hope for the future. 
Julie Coulter
I am 42 years old. I have been married to Tony for 17 years. I have a beautiful 15 year old daughter named Kelsey. I have my own business called Coulterz Cutz. I am a two time survivor of breast cancer.
Steve Lowry
     Steve has a history of brain tumors.  Originally diagnosed in December of 2002 at the age of 31 with a low grade brain tumor, subsequent tumors have developed into higher graded tumors.  He has had three brain surgeries, 6 weeks of radiation therapy, a year of Chemo pills and most recently completed 5 weeks of a special radiation treatment called Pulse Low-Dose.  In addition, he has had to deal with complications and side effects including a blood clot in his lung from his first surgery, hair loss and others too numerous to mention.  In March of 2007, Steve was diagnosed with his 4th tumor- an inoperable Glioblastoma (Grade IV or GBM for short.). 
     Throughout his ordeals, Steve has been an inspiration with his courage, his positive attitude and his sense of humor (“I need this like I need another hole in my head” is one of his favorite sayings).  He is always willing to talk to people about his ordeals and wants what the doctors learn from him to be used so someone else won’t have to go through this.
     Last year`s Relay for Life event was very emotional for Steve.  He received his invitation to attend with his Daffodil Days flowers he received from co-workers.  He is looking forward to walking in the survivors lap with all of the other survivors, and then being joined by his wife Michelle for the caregiver`s lap.  Steve is very proud and honored to be one of 3 Honorary Chairs for the 2007 Relay For Life.